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Father Leonardo Nardin s.j. was born in 1964 in Argentina. He received his vocation practicing the Spiritual Exercises at the age of 16. He entered the Society of Jesus, studied in Argentina and Europe, and upon his return was in various schools. It was at this time that he began, in 1998, to adapt the Spiritual Exercises to a school audience. Faced with the enthusiasm of both the children and their parents and school administrators, he began to train, as prayer guides, parents and little by little adolescents accustomed to practicing this "Ignatian prayer", the name he gave to this method. With the help of several collaborators, he wrote a manual, created a blog and spread his method outside the strictly school environment and beyond the borders of Argentina. Today he is responsible for the network of Jesuit schools in Argentina and Uruguay. He has always been "in Jorge Bergoglio's school" and has always been concerned about the poorest.

Nathalie Raymond was born in 1970 in France. After a doctorate in geography on the Andean countries, she taught in Latin America and in France. At the age of 40, she read the Gospel and the Word of God entered directly into her heart. She felt in love with Christ, returned to the Catholic Church from which she had distanced herself 28 years earlier (with the firm intention of never returning!), gradually abandoned her « former life », resigned her teaching job in 2017 and put herself at the service of the universal Church according to the needs, especially in Vietnam, India (in Benedictine monasteries), Ethiopia (with the Salesians) and South America. She also works to spread the Word and build fraternal bridges between the various members of the Body of Christ. She met Leonardo in March 2020, made the Spiritual Exercises (30-day retreat) with him and felt the call of God to spread this method of prayer all over the world.  


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