The method 

The method explained by the children themselves (with subtitles in english)

The basics 

The idea is to create the conditions to facilitate a personal and authentic encounter with the Lord, especially during the moments of silence dedicated to imagining the scenes of the Gospel (or of the biblical text) being contemplated. Do you remember the anonymous who says to the blind man of Jericho "Take courage; get up, he is calling you" ? That’s it… to encourage and help to go to meet Jesus who wants to meet each one of us. To understand it is better to try it first... An experience, a small workshop and that's it!

Before starting the prayer

_ Think about its use: when, for what purpose, how often ?

_ Arrange the seats in a U-shape with a carpet (if there is one) in the center and something that reminds us of God's presence (image, cross, tabernacle if we are in a chapel...).

_ At the "door" of the place of prayer: prepare to meet with the two questions that St. Ignatius advises: where am I going and to what?

During the prayer

_ Silence and calm down the body and place yourself in the presence of God.

_ Open your eyes and make the sign of the cross.

_Read the story, the biblical text to be contemplated.

_Ask Jesus for the grace to know him in order to love and follow him, which is a logical process.

_ Entering into "contemplation": there are two, three or four moments (corresponding to the ways in which the biblical text can be divided and understood and used in the best way) that follow the same scheme: 

  1° the contemplated scene is "illuminated", i.e. the key information is given in order to be able to imagine in a just, evangelical way. 

    2° the imagination guideline is given, it must be clear and short.

    3° a moment of silence is respected, eyes closed to be able to imagine. 

This moment of silence is fundamental, it is the very heart of this method. 

At that moment, the Spirit touches the hearts of those who pray

 in a very personal and intimate way, by inspiring images, "motions" that are at once very personal and very evangelical. 

    4° Sharing.

 _ The "colloquy":

To become very small in front of Jesus and, in silence, to enter into a dialogue with Jesus, heart to heart, giving him a response to what he has given us.

Finish by praying together the Our Father.

Immediately after prayer:

_ Making a small « examen of the prayer » so that what was given in the heart "goes up" to the mind and is analyzed to remain more in the memory.

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