The origins 


An adaptation of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius... 

This method of prayer has its origins in Ignatian spirituality. It is the fruit of an adaptation of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius to the capacities of children in order to facilitate their encounter with the Lord. 

This adaptation was initially carried out by Leonardo Nardin, an Argentinian Jesuit priest, starting in 1998. 

Which has been gradually spreading... 

Little by little, he has been spreading this practice of prayer with the children in some Jesuit schools. When he arrived at the Immaculate School of Santa Fe at the end of 2009, fathers and mothers of students joined in and little by little they formed a group of « missionaries », leading prayers in the school and giving workshops in other schools and parishes (see the video below).

A Manual was published in 2018 and several workshops were held in Argentina and also in other Latin American countries.

Until a French woman discovered it…

In March 2020, I, Nathalie, met Leonardo and he told me about this method. I deepened it and started to spread the practice in France with adaptations to meet local needs. I realized that this method not only appeal to children in catechesis, but that it also produces many fruits for adults in different contexts. Since I myself experienced a life-changing conversion when I read the Gospel in 2009, I felt the mission to help spread it throughout the world.

The idea is that this treasure becomes accessible to the universal Church, to all the little ones of the world, children or adults.

More details in this video