Why and where use it ? 


Why ?

It is absolutely necessary to anchor our faith in a personal encounter and friendship with Christ. Later, this faith will take different forms, but well adapted to each person and to the needs of the Church and the world. In fact, Christ is the true shepherd for each of his sheep and for the whole flock; he knows us intimately and knows what we need. In these troubled times, both for the Church and for the world, it is urgent to let ourselves be guided by him with trust.

 Letting the Spirit of Christ guide our lives.

C. Pastro ©  Nossa Senhora da Paz monastery. Itapecerica da Serra. 

Returning to the Word of God and living the Gospel in order to proclaim it..

It is urgent to return to the Word of God, to the Gospel, as the Second Vatican Council emphasized in the 1960s. The Word of God is a word of Life, which gives Life and is meant to be lived. All of us, small and great, men and women, are instruments of God at the service of the proclamation of the Gospel, and there is no other way to proclaim it than to live it. The little ones, united to Christ, have a very special capacity and a very great power to open hearts.

This method is based on the Word of God and draws on the richness of the Ignatian tradition.

Great needs for consolation  

Our world subjected to health, ecological, social and political crises generates much anxiety, desolation and fear. There is a great need to be consoled, to feel peace, trust, hope. These feelings often arise during this kind of prayer when the Comforting Spirit of Christ speaks to the heart of each one in moments of imagination and silence. 

An easy-to-use method 

C. Pastro ©  Nossa Senhora da Paz monastery. Itapecerica da Serra. 

It is a method that does not require specific material, it is easy and anyone can do it. It is a matter of letting yourself be guided,  led by the Spirit and without being afraid to imagine, to feel with the heart.

Where and in what kind of context?

What is already being done

The method is already in use:

In some Catholic schools, as part of catechesis, as a complement to another method, once every 2, 3 or 4 weeks; or, more occasionally, to prepare for a particular liturgical time or sacrament.

In some parishes, on a regular basis as a complement to another method or as the only method of catechesis, or occasionally to prepare for a particular liturgical time or sacrament, both for children and adults. It can be done before Mass on the Gospel of the day. 

In intergenerational prayer groups or groups of adolescents or adults. It has been used by Youth Eucharistic Movement groups. In youth meetings, vacation camps, as a spiritual moment.

In diocesan meetings as a spiritual time, a time of prayer.

It has also been used in prisons.

What you might imagine

It could also be used to bring peace, joy and trust: in hospitals, nursing homes, homes for people in difficulty, with migrants. 

In ecumenical meetings.


Whenever there is a need for consolation, this method can be used, as it allows an intimate encounter with the Comforting Spirit. 

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